Get Amazon Prime membership in India for ₹499

Amazon launched its Amazon Prime membership program in India last July, offering a one-year subscription for just ₹499. That’s half off from the regular price of ₹999, and if you haven’t subscribed yet, you should do so right now as Amazon’s introductory offer is ending on October 30. From Monday onward, you’ll have to shell out ₹999 to pick up a Prime membership.

Picking up a Amazon Prime membership for just ₹499 is a stellar offer as you get free two-day delivery on millions of products (over 11 million, according to Amazon), as well as unlimited access to Prime Video. Amazon has been aggressively expanding its portfolio over the course of the year, signing deals with studios and making a lot of international and regional TV shows and movies available on the service.

Prime members also get early access to deals, and Amazon is set to roll out Prime Music in the country shortly. So what else are you waiting for? Hit up Amazon from the link below and subscribe to Prime for just ₹499.

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